Phone Consultation (1 hour) ..................... $125 Phone Consultation (1/2 hour) .................. $75

Horse Evaluation (1 hour) ......................... $300

(includes travel time - max radius 1 hr drive)


Charles Wilhelm did a great job not only starting my Arab mare Valerie, but refining her for Western Pleasure and just making her in all around horse that I can ride almost anywhere. When I first purchased Valerie she was a 6 year old brood mare that had not been handled or ridden much. When I brought her to Charles’s ranch, she was very spooky and nervous of everything. It took a lot of time progressing her through his basic program, despooking and ground work, until she was even safe enough to be ridden. Finally after about 3 months I had my first ride on her and she was fine. From that point on we have made great progress together. I have shown Valerie in open and Arab Regional shows and won in Western Pleasure and Trail Class. I take her on trail rides and am now starting her in Trail Trails. She is now a great horse who is willing to do the things I ask of her even though sometimes they are scary!

I would recommend all horse owners learn about Charles Wilhelm’s horse training program. It will make the partnership with their horse safer, happier, and more rewarding.

Adrienne "Tange"

I had high hopes for my love, Khristian, a 5 year old American Warmblood I have owned since he was a baby. Khristian was going to be jumper I had always wanted, so I put him in training right away, hoping I could keep him a stallion. He was just 4 when his trainer took him to his first show.

It was nothing short of a disaster. Khristian was clearly not going to be the jumper I had hoped for. He would try to bite, he reared, and was a handful, but I was unwilling to give up on him. At his first show, he was rearing dangerously and threatened to fall over backwards, bucking and running around every corner.

During the following two weeks, Khristians’s trainer would provoke him to rear and then pull him over to “scare” the bad behavior out of him. This was very dangerous and I didn’t want to further risk injuring him. I sought other help and after conversations with other trainers telling me to do everything “from take him to a cowboy” to “just throw him away", I heard about Charles Wilhelm and this gentle approach to horses.

Charles told me that he would go back and “fill” in the training gaps and give him a couple of weeks before I came down to see his progress. I was able to get down to the training center and check out his progress. Within 20 minutes I was in tears. This “beast” as he was often described, was being ridden, backed up and improved his shoulder control 100%. I am elated with his progress as he improves more every day and after 5 long years of waiting, I am finally able to ride my own horse. Our experience with Charles has been a God send. I have nothing but respect, love, and adoration for Charles and his staff.

Tavia & "Khristian"

I am the proud adopter of a 4 year old Quarter Horse. Dakota is extremely athletic, intelligent, and sensitive, and had learned to take full advantage of his previous trainer.

A year after adoption, I had earned Dakota's trust and cooperation, or so I thought, and proudly took him to the Central Wisconsin Horse Expo, where we were enrolled in a clinic with Charles Wilhelm. When we had to move locations due to weather, Charles offered to help me load Dakota so that we could still participate in the clinic.

Within about three minutes of taking Dakota's lead line, Charles had exposed and identified the bad habits that I thought I had fixed, but had merely masked. Charles not only went above and beyond by loading Dakota onto the trailer, but by the time he was through, had Dakota walking in on his own. During the clinic, Charles spent one-on-one time working with each participant and their individual challenges. He showed me how to keep Dakota's attention, and when he wanted to flee, how to control it.

Most important of all, however, is not what Dakota was taught, but what I was taught: My horse is not safe if I have to tiptoe around him. The entire weekend that followed was full of crowds, loudspeakers, vehicles and all sorts of 'horse-eating monsters'. Not one single time did Dakota lose his composure, and I contribute much of that to Charles Wilhelm's clinic, and the work that he did above and beyond what was asked of him.

Amy & "Dakota"

Hi Charles, I wanted to update you on Sierra. I took her for her first camping trip yesterday to Point Reyes. I haven't ridden her in 2 weeks but had the opportunity to get away overnight so I went for it. I was so very impressed with her. When I arrived, my friends were out riding so I unloaded her and tied her to the trailer.

I really wasn't sure how she would handle being in a new place with no other horses around but she quietly stood tied to the trailer while I unloaded things out of the truck. When my friends arrived she stayed calm; we set up her portable corral and she went right in like she had done this a thousand times. Now when I think back to 5 months ago, I'm pretty darn sure I wouldn't have taken her camping for the life of me. When we woke up this morning it was cold, foggy and of course windy.

My first reaction was "Oh crap" but your voice ran through my head a few times, telling me she wasn't a bucker or bolter! Well you are correct (yes, again). She rode out nicely on the trails, usually second in line but I did have her also lead. She did great. Did I mention I hadn't ridden her in 2 weeks? (but I did do a little ground work). I have to say she surprised me with how wonderful and calm she was. If it wasn't for you Charles, I would have sent her down the road, not because she was a bad horse, but because I felt, prior to spending a few months with you, that she was dangerous and I didn't want to get hurt. I no longer feel that way. I'll see you at your Cowgirl dressage clinic if not before than. Thanks again for helping Sierra be comfortable in her own skin and a more solid mount for me. You're the best!